Party Mamas Casting Call

Party Mamas Now CastingThe hit reality series PARTY MAMAS is a fun, fast-paced glimpse into the world of extraordinary parties, and the fabulous women who throw them.

PARTY MAMAS rolls out the red carpet and invites viewers to meet “Mamas” determined to throw the biggest and brightest parties for loved ones. These bold bombshells don’t need to try “keeping up with the Joneses” – they are the Joneses! Sparing no expense, they will throw the ultimate Birthday, Mitzvah, Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen, Graduation, Engagement, and Anniversary parties!

Each half-hour episode focuses on one “Mama” and her spirited family, as well as her her Party Planning Entourage: the Party Planner, Caterer, Stylist, Make-up Artist, and Gal Pals. Our “Party Mama” has high expectations and scrutinizes every detail to make sure her event not only goes off without a hitch… but it is also beyond everyone’s dreams!

The audience gets to witness the rollercoaster of emotions and nerve-wracking preparations of event planning, as well as everyone’s reactions to unexpected twists. The elation felt by our “Party Mama” and her family when the party is a magical success is heartwarming… even to our most cynical viewers!

If you are or know an exuberant and empowered woman planning the party of a lifetime, email your party details to or call Jesse at 416.913.0998 ext 238.