Choosing Your Quinceanera Court of Honor

Back in the day it was easy to choose members of an honored court. Families were big enough you could easily comprise your corte de honor of 14 couples with mostly siblings, and cousins.

Today, girls are choosing mostly among her closest friends to be her damas and chambelanes.

But who and how do you choose?

Most importantly, an honored court needs to be comprised of family and/or friends closest to you.

Choose your court:
Make a list of potential members by listing first siblings and cousins. Then add closest friends of the family and finally, your friends starting with your BFF.

It’s okay if you don’t have even pairs at this point because not all will be able to commit.

Choose girls and guys that like to dance or want to learn to dance. You don’t want your rehearsals to be a disaster because people are disinterested and don’t care to dance.

Let the people on your list know that you are choosing your court and they are among your candidates. Talk to them and describe well the responsibilities of being part of the honored court and what is expected. Make sure to mention the cost of dresses for girls and tuxedos for the guys.

Ask if they are willing and able to commit to these responsibilities.

Knowing who has a flexible schedule and time to meet regularly for rehearsals and appointments for fittings, should also be taken into consideration.

After you remove those that decline, and if you don’t have complete pairs, you will need to find another person. If you can’t think of other friends, ask your family and your court for assistance.