Quinceanera Court of Honor Gift Ideas

It is an honor to be chosen by the Quinceanera to be a member of her honored court. After all it is in the title – Court of Honor. It takes commitment – time and money – to be a dama or chambelan. It means attending dance rehearsals for several weeks, maybe months and its also customary for the honored court members to purchase their gown or tuxedo (plus shoes and accessories) chosen by the quinceanera.

So to show your appreciation of their commitment, a gift is a thoughtful way to say thank you.

Ideas for Quinceanera Court Gifts:

Dipped fruit party favors
Headphones in a color matching your party theme
A gift certificate to a movie theater or music venue
Phone Protector
A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant
Earbud Headphone Cases

Quinceanera Gifts For Damas:

Hair Accessories
Personalized stationery
A gift certificate to a local boutique
A makeup bag
Personalized jewelry
A scented candle
Workout gear
An introductory pottery class
Decadent chocolates
Lip gloss
Phone charms

Quinceanera Gifts For Chambelanes

Tickets to a sporting event
Cool ear plugs (Earbud headphones)
Cuff links
Cell phone cover
Sports gear

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