Facebook as a Quince Planning Tool

Sometimes it’s best to stick to the tools you already use on a daily basis. As most teens do today, you most likely browse the Internet for ideas and, chances are, you are already part of the virtual social life that is Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, among others.

Today I want to give you tips on how to use Facebook in your party planning process.

Facebook is a great place to browse pages you like or follow them for ideas on dresses, cakes, hairstyles, reception halls, and event planning tips. Follow pages to stay up to date with new trends in quince parties. Consider following your favorite magazine to stay up on new fashion and beauty trends.

Your Planning Committee
You can always hire a party planner, but if your plan is to take a DIY road, you don’t have to go it alone. Early in your party planning process, round up friends and family willing to help. You may have creative family members offering to make your recuerdos… or padrinos willing to pay for the cake… or friends simply on standby ready to take on a task. Instead of sending countless emails, easily share ideas, updates, and delegate tasks by taking advantage of ‘closed’ or ‘secret’ Facebook groups. People will find updates much easier on a Facebook page organized with albums and documents than by browsing through emails.

In Facebook Groups, you’ll find a feature that lets you upload files or create documents directly online. The advantage of creating a document within a group is that each member can update or edit it. This allows you to create a checklist and have each member type their initials next to an item once it’s completed. Another idea is to type the wording for your program or invitations and have someone help you edit.

If you are having a hard time deciding on vendors, make sure to scope them out by visiting their Facebook page. Most businesses have a Facebook page where they post lots of pictures and information that may help with your decision-making. Unlike their website, here you might also find comments by others including past clients.

Rounding up the Court
Another way to take advantage of Facebook groups is to gather the members of your honored court. Keep them updated on the rehearsal schedule and other important dates such as dress and tux fittings. Also, make sure to post contact information, a list of locations and directions for fittings, rehearsals, and reception hall. You may also want to post video clips of dance rehearsals but keep in mind that this might encourage them to miss another scheduled rehearsal.

Additionally, you can post links to vendor sites or their pages on your ‘planning team’ Facebook group to solicit their help in choosing a vendor.

For a grand occasion such as a quinceanera, of course, formal invitations are in order. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of Facebook to aid your efforts in providing useful information to your out-of-town guests. Create an invite-only event page for easy access to a map and directions to your reception. Post links to nearby hotels and other useful information for those that are traveling.

This article is the first part of a series on using social media to plan your quinceanera.
How do you use Facebook to help you plan your quince party? Let us know by leaving a comment below.