How to Plan a Quinceanera on a Budget

To plan a Quinces on a Budget you need to first decide how much are you willing to spend? Make sure the amount you decide on is not how much you are wanting to save up. Instead, it should be money you already have and can set aside for your quinces.

Create a quinceanera budget with these 5 easy steps.

  1. Decide how much are you willing to spend? (Make sure its an amount of money you already have and can set aside for your quinces).
  2. Make a list of everything on which you’ll need to spend money (banquet hall, photographer, choreographer, decorations, food, invitations, etc).
  3. Decide what items are the most important to you and you are willing to spend more money on. Is it a beautiful location for the party? Your gown? The entertainment? Maybe you don’t mind if your dress is borrowed from a friend but professional photos are a must. Try to stick to only 3 top important items.
  4. Assign an amount of money you will spend on everything on your list.
  5. Now that you have your budget, lets see where you can reduce or cut out quinceanera expenses completely. Choose the items you are willing to put on a do-it-yourself list. Find out if anyone in your family or close friend can make anything on your d-i-y list to save you money. For example, can your aunt bake a cake?

Here are a few ideas for the D-I-Y approach:

  • Make your own gift card box
  • Make your own party favors
  • Make your own invitations
  • Make your own centerpieces
  • Choreograph your own dance
  • Bake your own cake

Other ways to reduce expenses:

  • Use a family member’s beautiful home for your quinces
  • Borrow some items such as earrings, shoes, your older cousin’s dress, etc.
  • Have a friend photograph your event (Maybe you can have a few friend rotate on photography duty so that each one can enjoy the party as well
  • Have a friend do your hairstyle (but make sure to have your friend practice on your hair with plenty of time before the event).