The Ultimate Quinceanera Emergency Kit

Be prepared for any unexpected mishap by packing a quinceanera survival kit.

List of items to gather:
Pain reliever for headaches
Water bottle
Clear nail polish
Dental floss
Hair pins
Ponytail holders
Hair comb & brush
Hem tape
Mini sewing kit
Safety pins
Scotch tape
Hand towelettes
Double sided tape
Crazy glue
Small scissors
Miniature lint roller
Nail file
Feminine pads or tampons (even if you don’t need them; your damas might)
Pain reliever for menstrual cramps (again, one of your damas may need it)
Eye drops
Extra earring backs
Extra pantyhose
Spot remover
Straws (for drinking without messing up your lipstick)
Mirror (in case the bathroom is full or you haven’t made your grand entrance yet)
Beauty products (including nail polish you are wearing)
Make up
Cell phone charger
Mini deodorant

The Bag
All items can be placed in a duffel bag, tote bag, or purse.
Use a toiletry bag for toiletries and a makeup bag for makeup. Then throw everything together in one duffel bag or gym bag.
quinceanera beach tote bag

Aside from save the day items, remember you’ll need to bring extra shoes and extra clothing if you plan on changing after the ceremonial waltz.