Top 3 Things Quinceaneras Forget to Plan

In the midst of everything that will be happening on the day of your quince don’t forget about these often forgotten items.

#1 Your ‘Thank You’ Speech
It is customary for a quinceanera to give a thank you speech to show her appreciation. Girls often don’t see the importance in planning this speech and deny the much needed attention it deserves. Even worse, parents often forget to inform their daughter of such a speech until the very moment she’s expected to give her thanks.

Yes, you will get nervous, but even more so if you don’t plan ahead.
To avoid the repetitive, drawn-out speech sprinkled with “ums” before every sentence, write and rehearse what you are going to say.
For the best outcome, you want to make sure you have your written speech in your hands the day of your quince.

By the way, make sure dad (or whoever else) knows, too, that he will be giving a toast.

#2 List of Names for Candle Ceremony
You might think of making lists of names for your M.C. but you might not think of doing the same for yourself. If you are calling up individuals yourself for your candle ceremony (or any other tradition), make a list to bring with you.

I know what you’re thinking. “But I already know their names; they are my friends and family.”

Yes, you know their names but you do not want to stand there thinking “Who did I forget to call?” It is a fairly long list of 15 people and your memory will not work well if you are nervous.
Are you calling them up and giving a speech for each individual? Again, write those speeches down. (See #1 above)

#3 An Emergency Kit
If you are not hiring an event planner, do like they do – prepare ahead for the unexpected! Do this yourself by putting together an emergency kit with essential ‘save the day’ items. But don’t forget to bring it on the day of your quince!

Need ideas on what to include in your survival kit? Check out our Ultimate Quinceanera Emergency Kit.